Report on a rare Animal

An Animal that replaces a body?

Cymothoa exigua is an isopod crustacean of the family Cymothoidae. It is a parasite that clings to the language of its fish host with its three pairs of Forelegs and baby of the artery that supplies blood to the body. Over time, the tongue atrophies, so then the crustacean joins the muscles of this, replacing it with his own body, and relieving the pressure of the circulatory system of the host there. The fish can use the parasite as if it were a normal language, and does not receive further damage, because Cymothoa exigua is nourished by the mucous membranes of the fish. Does not seem to show special interest in food that it eats.

It is the only known parasite that successfully replaces a body of their host.

Now some pictures about this rare animal...


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