Trophies made with recycled materials

Trophies made with recycled plastic. That were winners of the formula 1 race in Interlagos, Brazil, in 2011. During the three days of the car event, the Brazilian chemical company Braskem collected the lids of plastic bottles disposable, a laboratory and located in the facilities of the circuit, indicted them and became the trophies that were winners.
These, of course, are big words. It is possible to make trophies with recycled materials without having to process those materials. The key is flexibility - does not have to be perfect - and creativity. Then, we give instructions to make a simple trophy. You will need a disposable glass, which will be the basis of the trophy, so it must be smooth enough to open a hole in it, but strong enough to hold the Cup. Also a bottle of soft drink, empty and clean, one or two litres, according to how big you want it the Cup. Finally, you will need a pen, scissors, four pieces of thin wire or wire which is used to tie the bags of snacks, and paint-coated.
At the bottom of the vessel, in the Centre, discretion the mouth of thread on the bottle of soda. With the scissors, following that stroke, open a hole in the bottom of the glass. The mouth of the bottle thread should come in its entirety for that hole. With the bottle horizontally, cut off her in two. The side that has the mouth will be the Cup, while the side that has the background you will serve to cut him two strips of plastic about two centimeters in width. These strips will be the Cup handles.

Enter the bottle screw through the hole that you have open in the bottom of the glass, so that the thread is in the glass. Enroscad the lid. When you put the glass upside down on the table, should be the bottle well erect and adjusted. On the left side of the bottle, open two holes aligned vertically, one at the height of the half of the bottle and the other almost at the edge. Repeat the same thing on the right side.
Take one of the strips of plastic that you cut. Open a hole almost at the edge and another at the height of the half. Repeat the same thing in another Strip. Now, turning the pieces of wire through the holes, you uniréis a plastic strip on each side of the bottle, trying to be curven and take the form of a loop. For that to happen, ye antagonizing the curvature the Strip tends to take. The lower end of the Strip rizará. This will give an aesthetic touch to the Cup. Finally, her pintad the color you want.


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